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Experience Workshop – Movement for the Experience-Oriented Education of Mathematics and Arts
Full STEAM Ahead!

Experience Workshop has been started in 2008 as a collaborative effort of mathematicians, artists, toy-makers, craftsmen, teachers, parents and children. Over the years, we have grown into an open STEAM community, a professional network of educators, researchers and artists, and a creative art&science agency in the field of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) education and learning.

Experience Workshop develops educational approaches to offer opportunities for children to learn mathematics through the arts, and to create art through mathematics.

We have established International Traveling Exhibitions of Mathematical Art in Hungary and in Finland, which travel with our events. The collection includes artworks, scientific modeling tools, math-art puzzles, and other spectacular objects, which have key-role at our programs.

Experience Workshop events have been successfully organized all over in Europe, North-America and Asia. More than 30,000 people participated in our STEAM education programs.

  • Event Organization

    STEAM education events, festivals, interactive exhibitions, workshops, conferences and seminars in Europe, Asia and America.

  • research

    Our research interests involve, but not limited to STEM and STEAM education; inquiry-based, cooperative, playful and experience-oriented mathematics education; girls in mathematics, science and coding; connecting problem-solving processes in science and art education; connecting hands-on activities and digital modeling in science, art and design education; science&art connections in learning; phenomenon-based learning and co-teaching; inter-, cross- and transdisciplinary management and trans-curricular leadership in education.

  • Consultancy

    We offer working solutions, excellent tools, applications and expertise in the field of STEAM education.

  • Project Management

    International references, research and professional network for preparing and managing projects on the field of STEAM education and research.

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Our Team

"One’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions." Oliver Wendell Holmes
Dr. Kristóf Fenyvesi
Dr. Kristóf Fenyvesi
Founding Director
Researcher of STEAM education at University of Jyväskylä, Finland – Director of Community Events at the world largest mathematics and arts community, the Bridges Organization, USA – CEO of International Symmetry Association
Ildikó Szabó
Ildikó Szabó
Education Coordinator in Hungary
Mathematics and physics teacher, specialist of talent-education, STEAM content- and tool-developer
Dr. Eleonóra Stettner
Dr. Eleonóra Stettner
Research Coordinator in Hungary
Mathematician – Head of Mathematics and Physics Department at University of Kaposvár, Hungary – specialist of talent-education, STEAM content- and tool-developer
Dr. Zsolt Lavicza
Dr. Zsolt Lavicza
Educational Technology Coordinator
Lecturer at University of Cambridge, Queens’ College Faculty of Education – STEM Director at Johannes Kepler University, Linz – Director of Research and Community Development at International GeoGebra Institute.
Dr. Osmo Pekonen
Dr. Osmo Pekonen
History of Science Expert
Science Coordinator in Finland
Ph.D., D.Soc.Sc. Osmo Pekonen is a Finnish author, historian of science, and mathematician based at the University of Jyväskylä. He is the Book Reviews section editor of The Mathematical Intelligencer.
John A. Hiigli
John A. Hiigli
Children Art Coordinator
Experience Workshop-New York
New York-based painter, teacher & director of Le Jardin A L’Ouest Art School and Kindergarten, Curator of Children Art Exhibits at Bridges Conferences