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2. Our products

2.1 Itsphun
2.2 Zometool
2.3 4D Frame
2.4 Poly-Universe

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1. How to order

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2. Our products




ITSPHUN is a system of geometric shapes that can be combined in myriad ways to make wonderful and colorful creations at the intersection of art and mathematics.


ITSPHUN Mini Puzzles – Set of 10 – Price: 32 € all-mini-puzzles

  • Set of ten individual Mini Puzzles, each containing a picture and the necessary pieces to construct the illustrated object.
  • The set contains a total of 160 pieces.
  • The interconnection method is simple and intuitive; no prior knowledge is necessary.
  • Once solved, the pieces can be combined in many other ways.
  • Made of child-friendly food-grade plastic.
  • Recommended age: 8+

ITSPHUN 72-Piece Construction Set – Price: 19 € polygon-small

  • 72-piece system of interlocking shapes that can be combined in endless ways.
  • Includes 36 triangular pieces, 24 square pieces, 12 pentagonal pieces, and a brochure with model ideas.
  • Recommended age: 5+

ITSPHUN 104-Piece Construction Set – Price: 34 € polygon-box-clean

  • 104-piece system of interlocking shapes that can be combined in endless ways.
  • Includes 36 triangular pieces, 36 square pieces, 12 pentagonal pieces, 20 hexagonal pieces, and a deck of 28 double-sided cards.
  • Recommended age: 5+

Holographic Lantern – Price 10€

  • Kit for ornamental dodecahedron lantern
  • Includes battery-powered LED light.
  • Recommended age: 7+


2.2 Zometool

Zometool is the fascinating and award winning construction set that is treasured by kids and Nobel Prize winners.



Zometool Creator 1 – Price: 73 €c1-en

Build hundreds of models from simple to profound.
Clear and colorful step-by-step instructions will get you started and suggest many different avenues for exploration which open up into the fascinating dimension of discovery through open-ended play. Recommended age: 6+. Total parts: 246


Zometool Creator 2 – Price: 128 € (out of stock, backorder possible!)creator2-web

Twice the parts supercharge Zometool’s power – if you want to go beyond the basics, you need this kit. Build incredible projections from hyperspace, molecular structures and much more! Sturdy new sorting cases make storage and cleanup much easier. Explore structures in nature, math, science, art and architecture. New shorter strut-lengths make models more compact, resilient and beautiful. Recommended age: 6+. Total parts: 492.


Zometool Creator 3 – Price: 184 €creator-3_en

Build bigger, richer models. Step up to the next level of size and complexity in your models; the number of interesting things you can build increases exponentially when you have more parts! This kit is also ideal for family building. Recommended age: 6+. Total parts: 738.


Platonic Solids – Price: 78 €0b_sol_prj_box_usa__69814-1445975574-1280-1280

In our Universe, there can be only 5 perfect 3D forms; they are known as the Platonic Solids. Sought and studied for over a thousand years, these shapes have fascinated some of mankinds’ greatest scientists, artists and philosophers. With this kit, you will be able to build the 5 solids at the same time, as well as explore some of the fascinating relationships between the five solids, including building each of their duals. Recommended age: 12+. Total parts: 276.


Kepler’s Kosmos – Price: 61 €0b-kpk-prj_450_338_c1__67533-1392322749-1280-1280

Kepler believed the universe was ruled by the relationship between 5 perfect bodies. He believed in a geometrical basis for the universe and thought the planets were arranged in their orbits through the relationships between the five “perfect” three-dimensional forms. He turned out to be wrong, but in the process of trying to prove his theory he laid down the foundation for modern astronomy. Recommended age: 6+. Total parts: 158


Ice Crystals and Stars – Price: 25 €ice-crystals-rgb300

The fascinating world of ice crystals. Learn about the building blocks of snowflakes. Discover what snowflakes are made of, how they are formed and why they are always six-sided with this latest addition to Zometool’s project kit line. Includes instructions to build more than ten beautiful models! Recommended age: 4+. Total parts: 90


The Hyperdo – Price: 213 €0b_hyp_prj-main_450_338_c1__63286-1392325020-1280-1280

Not Sci-Fi 4D, Math and Physics 4D. Beautiful, amazing and deep; that is the Hyperdo in a nutshell. Just as 3D objects can cast flat (2D) shadows, 4D objects can cast 3D shadows. THAT is what this model represents: The Hyperdo is a 3D projection of a 4D object called the 120-cell (aka Hyperdodecahedron). But instead of trying to understand these words, get your hands on this kit and enjoy this stunning model! Recommended age: 12+. Total parts: 970


Crazy Bubbles – Price: 22 €0b-bub-prj-main_450_338_c1__79100-1392416613-1280-1280

These are jewels disguised as bubbles! Square bubbles, cubic bubbles, spiral bubbles. Saddle-shaped bubbles, wormhole bubbles, parabolic bubbles!! Discover a whole new world of bubble-making, tons of fun for the whole family! For the science-minded there is plenty to chew on here, explore minimal surfaces, experiment with Hamiltonian paths and more. Great for science projects! Recommended age: 4+. Total parts: 52


The Cryptocube – Price: 88 €CRYPTOCUBE - FINAL CHECKS

The modest Cube. Probably the most iconic and familiar shape of our time. Yes, it’s one of the five perfect 3D shapes but it seems so basic and simple, so familiar it is almost unremarkable. So what IS a Cryptocube? A puzzle / brainteaser. You start by building an all-black Cube and the challenge is to build a maze-like structure that allows you to remove the black edges (struts) while keeping the Black Cube’s corners undisturbed. Countless solutions are possible, some simple, some mind-bogglingly complex! Recommended age: 10+. Total parts: 370


DNA – Price: 33 €0b_dna_prj-main_450_338_c1__75018-1392325185-1280-1280

DNA is the code shared by all living beings. As beautiful as it is elegant, as simple as it is powerful. DNA is the common thread that connects all living things on the planet. It is hard to imagine how a language of only 4 letters can be responsible for producing all the different types of cells in all living beings, but that is what DNA does. In this kit you will find not only the parts to build a beautiful model but also an engaging explanation about the basic workings of one of the wonders of nature. Recommended age: 10+. Total parts: 71


C60 Fullerene – Price: 55 €Connexions Banderole

Carbon is an amazing element which can take many forms; famously diamond, coal and graphite. In 1985 a new form (allotrope) of carbon, C60, was discovered; it was named the Buckminsterfullerene in honor of R. Buckminster Fuller because the shape of the molecules resembled Fuller’s Geodesic Domes. With potential applications spanning the gamut from electronics, superconductivity, drug delivery, nanotechnology and more; fullerenes are an exciting part of a future that by today’s tech standards seems downright magical. Recommended age: 10+. Total parts: 222


2.3 4D Frame

Mini Soccer Ball – Price: 2 €

Soccer Ball of Fullerene structure – Price: 4 €

Sphere made with Pentagonal Stars – Price: 13 €

Geodesic Dome level 3 – Price: 14 €  

Geodesic sphere – Price: 22 €

Sierpinski Trigonal Pyramid level 3 – Price: 28 € 

Snowflake (small) – Price: 18 €  

Snowflake (medium) – Price: 24 €

Tyrannosaurus – Price: 4.5 € 

Wind Energy – Price: 4.5 € 

Waterwheel – Price: 2.5 € 

Math and Science Creativity Set – Small – Price: 36.5 € 

Math and Science Creativity Set – Medium – Price: 61 € 

Math and Science Creativity Set – Large – Price: 120 €  

Mechatronics – Price: 176 €



2.4 Poly-Universe






Poly-Universe Saxon Game Family – Aesthetic and mathematical system of shapes. A colourful artistic, geometrical and mathematical skill development game.


POLY-UNIVERSE Toy Family set (triangle / circle / square)

design pack of 3 – 81€
1 set – 30€


The game family, in using and developing the basic geometric shapes of János Szász SAXON’s poly-dimensional plain painting, communicates a new artistic perspective to both nursery and primary school children and adults. Having a direct, by-touch connection with the geometric shapes, the sense of vision and of touch are developing and through the recognition of correlations and finding the linkage points, the ability of thinking improves and the skill of abstraction evolves.

Age recommendation: above 3 years

See also Poly-Universe’s homepage for instructions.



3. Terms and conditions

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