Experience Workshop at the ROBOTEX International festival in Tallinn

ROBOTEX International, one of the major robotics gatherings and festivals in the world, was organized in Tallinn, Estonia, on 29-30. November 2019. Experience Workshop was there with a lecture and two workshops. Kristóf Fenyvesi, founder of Experience Workshop, spoke about Experience Workshop’s robotics pedagogical projects, which participants were able to test in practice.  The entire[…]

Experience Workshop’s Warka Tower for the Athens Science Festival

Dr. Kristóf Fenyvesi, founder of Experience Workshop International STEAM Movement, brings three unique STEAM activities to the Athens Re-Science festival on the 6th of April 2019.  The Warka Tower at ASF2019 | Let´s get creative all together! Building Up together the TOWER OF PROBLEM-SOLVING & CREATIVITY! During this unique workshop, participants will have the opportunity[…]

Five Thoughts on Mathematics from Belgrade

Five persons, five different experiences on the joy of mathematics… Experience Workshop was hosted by the Month of Mathematics Festival in Belgrade, organized by the Center for Promotion of Science (CPS). We gave several interviews to various magazines and programs, including CPS’ own video blog. Check them out below! Kristóf Fenyvesi, director of Experience Workshop:[…]