Experience Workshop’s STEAM Festival @ University of Pécs

On October 16, 2015, Experience Workshop Math-Art Movement organized a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) Festival at University of Pécs. We had 11 workshops for the more than 350 secondary school students who have visited our program. In addition to Experience Workshop’s creative tools, such as 4Dframe, Jomili, Re-Bots, Zometool and more, University[…]

Experience Workshop in the Meixner School, Budapest

On June 8, 2015 Experience Workshop had a fantastic time at Meixner School in Budapest.  We have organized a creative school-day with such highlights as Giant Fractal Workshop with 4DFRAME by Ildikó Szabó; Experience Workshop’s RE-BOT – robots from recycled materials by Ákos Vecsei; SAXON POLYUNIVERSE by János Saxon Szász and Zsuzsa Dárdai and many more…    Find[…]

It was a BIG experience! Giant 4dFrame-fractal construction with more than a hundred students

Experience Workshop has visited the II. Rákóczi Ferenc School in Szentendre, where more than a hundred students have participated in our 4dFrame workshop. We have built a more than 2 meters high Sierpinski-tetrahedron. The participants could also try Zometool and Jomili. The workshop was led by our pedagogical coordinator, Ildikó Szabó. Photos: Viktor Zalán. More[…]

Bubbles, Fractals, Floating Spheres at Experience Workshop in the Kazinczy High School, Győr, Hungary

March 28, 2015, Experience Workshop has visited the Kazinczy High School in Győr. We had George Hart’s Slide-togethers, 4dFrame, Zometool, Polyuniverse and Gondos-puzzles. Dr. Eleonóra Stettner, Ildikó Szabó, Zsuzsa Dárdai, János Saxon and Gábor Gondos has led the workshops. More photos on the event on Experience Workshop’s Facebook page (HERE)!