Experience Workshop celebrating Jyväskylä’s birthday with a STEAM-party

    The City of Jyväskylä celebrated its 182. anniversary on March 23. Jyvälän Setlementti and Experience Workshop joined the events in the city library with STEAM family workshops. The highlight of the day was the creation of a beautiful carpet made of CaraWonga’s recycled industrial textile pieces. Thanks to Olivia Oláh, children enjoyed doing[…]

Game Day at Jyvälä with Experience Workshop

Two hundred people enjoyed the Game Day / Pelipäivä on 10.11.2018 in Jyvälä (Jyväskylä, Finland). Experience Workshop’s STEAM community activities filled the gym with children and adults of all ages. Thanks to Sharif, Ismael and Khaled for passing over 4D Frame construction techniques, Akie for the origami workshop, Prativa for the Bollywood dance class and Maria for the teamwork! See the results[…]

The Building Blocks of Visual Perception: Jomili Cubes Indiegogo Campaign Starts Now!

“A real child can go to bed–yet still build towers in its head.” – wrote Marvin Minsky, the father of Artificial Intelligence, who has started to train his robot arm by block playing in the end of the 1960s. Just some years before Minsky’s experiments, Zoltán Paul Dienes has published his book “Building Up Mathematics” (1961) and suggested[…]

Let’s Do Your Own Mathematics! Experience Workshop in Laukaa, Finland

On 25 February, 2016 Experience Workshop has visited the school of Laukaa, the Sydän-Laukaan koulu in Finland. Three students of the school, Inkeri Nurminen, Anna Hytönen and Helmi Herteli, as young journalists have published an extensive report on the event in the local newspaper, the Laukaa-Konnevesi News. Please find the article below! Big thanks for[…]

It was a BIG experience! Giant 4dFrame-fractal construction with more than a hundred students

Experience Workshop has visited the II. Rákóczi Ferenc School in Szentendre, where more than a hundred students have participated in our 4dFrame workshop. We have built a more than 2 meters high Sierpinski-tetrahedron. The participants could also try Zometool and Jomili. The workshop was led by our pedagogical coordinator, Ildikó Szabó. Photos: Viktor Zalán. More[…]

Experience Workshop’s Jomili event was a huge success in Slovakia

Almost 200 kids and many teachers visited Experience Workshop’s Jomili program in Galanta, Slovakia. Jomili is a math-art kit, which was introduced with a huge success not for the first time at Experience Workshop‘s events. The kit is invented by László Lukovics, who lives and works in Hidaskürti, a small village near to our program’s venue.  Many[…]

Experience Workshop for Kazakh Students at Kaposvár University

The Research Coordinator of Experience Workshop Dr. Eleonóra Stettner held an intensive seminar and workshop for Kazakh students of Maths&Computer Science between 25-27 March, 2014 at the Kaposvár University, Hungary. The students were introduced to the GeoGebra dynamic geometry software and to the activities of the Experience Workshop Math-Art Movement, tried Doris Schattschneider’s Escher Caleidocycles, the Zometool and the JOMILI cubes kit.[…]

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