A hot day full of discoveries in the Yeshiva near the Campus Lev of Jerusalem College of Technology, Israel

In 2017 March, by the invitation of Professor Dana-Picard Thierry and in the framework of MindCET‘s Shaping the future of Education, Experience Workshop has visited the Yeshiva near the Campus Lev of Jerusalem College of Technology in Israel. Experience Workshop’s director, Dr. Kristóf Fenyvesi, 4Dframe’s inventor and founder Ho Gul Park, and 4Dframe developer, artist-designer Changwook Choi had the opportunity[…]

Education Research – Sensual Mathematics – STEAM: Cambridge Mathematics is hosted in Finland by Experience Workshop

Cambridge Mathematics is a University of Cambridge project in partnership with Mathematics and Education Faculties, Cambridge University Press and Cambridge Assessment. Between April 25-29, 2017, Cambridge Mathematics visits to Finland and hosted by Experience Workshop Math-Art Movement. Through speaking to policy makers, subject specialist curriculum designers and educational researchers Cambridge Mathematics aims to learn about: how[…]

Checkpoint Leonardo Network project is launched!

Experience Workshop is providing content, methods and tools to the development of Checkpoint Leonardo Network in Finland. Watch the project preliminary introduction video (in Finnish) here: The successful Finnish art&science learning Checkpoint Leonardo project is now shifting gears and transforms into a network with the support of the STEM Centers (LUMA) connected to the major universities in[…]