Experience Workshop @ Ars Electronica Festival 2017: Kelle, Orosz, GeoGebra, 4Dframe, Re-Bots & Robots

Experience Workshop’s international team is excited about to participate in Ars Electronica Festival between 7-11 September, 2017. We are very proud that our programs are invited for the second time to this prestigious showcase of media art with over 500 cutting-edge projects. Our own contributions include 4Dframe, GeoGebra, Artformer’s large robotic sculpture, Orosz’ perspectival art,[…]

“Eroded Theories” – Antal Kelle Artformer & Emese Kelle-Kaleem exhibition’s success in New York at MoMath, supported by Experience Workshop

“Eroded Theories” – Antal Kelle Artformer & Emese Kelle-Kaleem’s exhibition was a great success in New York at National Museum of Mathematics’ Composite Gallery in 2017 July. The exhibit was curated by Experience Workshop’s director, Kristóf Fenyvesi. Watch a short video from the opening: Award-winning artist Antal Kelle ArtFormer has joined National Museum of Mathematics in New York to[…]