Maths Festival in Helsinki’s Maunula school with Experience Workshop

The Maunula School and Helsinki’s mathematics high school has invited students and teachers to their mathematics and sciences festival called “Harppi” (=”compass”) on 9.11.2019.  Experience Workshop contributed with three types of workshops: 1. 4DFrame soccer robots lead by Matias Kaukolinna 2. Giant fractals (4DFrame) coordinated by Kristof Fenyvesi 3. Body geometry or Maths in Motion […]

Experience Workshop Coordinates Maths in Motion Erasmus+ in Finland

Experience Workshop is very glad to announce the launch of Maths in Motion Erasmus+ KA2 project. The project is funded by the Dutch National Agency of Erasmus+, the main coordinator is the Olde Vechte Foundation from the Netherlands. The program brings together partners from Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Italy,  Romania and The Netherlands. The project[…]