PENTILES are based on the number 5 and all tiles have angles related to the pentagon (5-gon) and decagon (10-gon). All tiles fit with each other in repeating and non-repeating manner, some tile by themselves, others require pairs or more shapes to tile the surface. In 2019, Haresh Lalvani’s Lalvani Studio (USA) started a collaboration with Experience Workshop International[…]

Game Day 2019 with Experience Workshop in Jyväskylä

Experience Workshop’s STEAM community activities again filled Jyvälä’s gym at the Game Day on 9.11.2019.  See how 4DFrame soft blocks became the source of fun: Thanks to the JAMK University of Applied Sciences, people could try the New Horizons game developed by the students of JAMK. New Horizons facilitates interaction and dialogue through game play.[…]

Celebrating diversity at Gradia school with Experience Workshop

The Festival of diversity was celebrated at the Gradia school in Jyväskylä on the 24th of October (in Finnish “Meitä on moneksi päivä”). Experience Workshop, in cooperation with Jyvälä Settlements, participated with a STEAM and music workshop in this event. The STEAM workshop focused on: 4DFrame, LUX, Itsphun, CaraWonga, Pentiles The event is part of[…]

Experience Workshop introduced Haresh Lalvani’s Pentiles at Japan Tessellation Design Association, Tokyo

In April, 2019, Experience Workshop was honored to introduce Haresh Lalvani’s Pentiles at Japan Tessellation Design Association, Tokyo. The Association was represented by with Shin Fujita, Makoto Nakamura, Tomoya Tendo designers and researchers and the Association’s President, Yoshiaki Araki. Read more on Pentiles here: Contact us if you are interested:

Lalvani’s Pentiles inspire Finnish teachers in Finland to actively explore connections between mathematics and the arts

Haresh Lalvani’s Pentiles have been introduced at University of Jyväskylä’s teacher education program in Finland and proved to be successful in inspiring and activating future Finnish teachers to explore connections between mathematics and the arts. More information on Pentiles: Contact:  

Haresh Lalvani’s (New York) Pentiles puzzle in Eger, Hungary with Experience Workshop’s STEAM Network

Haresh Lalvani’s (New York) Pentiles puzzle has been introduced at Eszterházy University’s Innovative School conference in Eger, Hungary by Experience Workshop’s STEAM Network. More information on Pentiles: Contact us:

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