4Dframe Experience Workshop Goes Global: Meet us in August at OPEN DESIGN CAPE TOWN FESTIVAL, South Africa!

We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with OPEN DESIGN CAPE TOWN FESTIVAL, our flagship project, we have prepared carefully in the recent months. Experience Workshop’s 4Dframe team, including 4Dframe’s inventor, Ho Gul Park and product developer, artist&designer Chang Wook Choi and Experience Workshop’s director Kristóf Fenyvesi are excited to contribute to OPEN DESIGN CAPE TOWN FESTIVAL’s opening STEAM[…]

Hello Again Belgrade! Hello Pančevo! Experience Workshop is Hosted by M3-Serbia, the Largest Math Festival in Eastern Europe and the “May 23” School of Technology!

Experience Workshop is always very excited to visit Serbia, and our excitement is greater than ever, as we will contribute to the largest math gathering in Eastern-Europe, the 6th “May, Month of Mathematics” Festival in Belgrade and also visit the “May 23” School in Pančevo. Watch the promo video of the M3 event here: The “M3”[…]

Education Research – Sensual Mathematics – STEAM: Cambridge Mathematics is hosted in Finland by Experience Workshop

Cambridge Mathematics is a University of Cambridge project in partnership with Mathematics and Education Faculties, Cambridge University Press and Cambridge Assessment. Between April 25-29, 2017, Cambridge Mathematics visits to Finland and hosted by Experience Workshop Math-Art Movement. Through speaking to policy makers, subject specialist curriculum designers and educational researchers Cambridge Mathematics aims to learn about: how[…]

Printed pancakes, math-jugglers and more: Mathematics, Arts and a Whole Lot of Fun at Bridges 2016 Family Day

Can mathematics be playful, can it be fun? Can mathematics be intriguing, attractive, amazing and magical, even for those who did not think it was the most inspiring class at school? Check-out, how we have gave it a try at Bridges Finland 2016 Public Day & Math-Art Expo! More information: www.familyday.hu Bridges Organization: http://bridgesmathart.org/

Experience Workshop STEAM Festival for 300 high school students at Faculty of Engineering and IT of Pécs University, Hungary

On May 18, 2016 at Pécs University, Hungary 300 high students participated in Experience Workshop STEAM Festival. We had 12 different workshops and an opening presentation to popularize science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics and their intersections.    As an opening of the event, László Róbert Zsiros demonstrated some interesting and spectacular experiments. 1. Math-Art[…]

Searching for the Da Vinci-code in Finland: 4Dframe Experience Workshops in the Structural Ice Project, Juuka

How to build the world’s largest ice dome? How to make Gaudi’s La Sagrada Família from ice? What kind of forces, effects are at play in the structure of a large and complex architecture? How to transform Leonardo Da Vinci’s plans of an unrealized bridge into the design of the world’s longest span ice bridge? The[…]

Experience Workshop’s STEAM Festival @ University of Pécs

On October 16, 2015, Experience Workshop Math-Art Movement organized a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) Festival at University of Pécs. We had 11 workshops for the more than 350 secondary school students who have visited our program. In addition to Experience Workshop’s creative tools, such as 4Dframe, Jomili, Re-Bots, Zometool and more, University[…]