Maths in Motion Erasmus+ event in Italy with Experience Workshop

As part of the Maths in Motion Erasmus+ project, Experience Workshop runs workshops for children in Italy, near Milan in Codogno’s Scuola Secondaria Ognissanti, on the 16th of May.

Experience Workshop’s project team: Saara Lehto, mathematician (LUMA Center Helsinki), Kerry Osborne, teacher (Helsinki English School) and Kristóf Fenyvesi, Experience Workshop’s director. In the frameworks of the event there is an afternoon symposium with the participation of Andrea Capozucca (University of Urbino) and Giada Totaro (STEAM Atelier, Rome) among others. The event is coordinated by Luisa Lenta and Giorgia Passerini.

Project information, including idea and materials:

Project information, including idea and materials:

Open Facebook group:

Our international partners are:

SciScoFUN MathematicsBalletskolen HolestbroScoala Gimnaziala Nr. 20 GalatiIC Codogno, and Olde Vechte.




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