Math&Art Events for All Ages

Can mathematics be playful, can it be fun? Can mathematics be artistic, creative, amazing and magical, even for those who do not think it is the most inspiring class at school? 

Experience Workshop is organizing creative school days / mathematics & art education programs for all ages / multidisciplinary festivals of learning and creativity / family days / interactive exhibitions / workshops / seminars and trainings in Finland, Hungary and all over the globe.

Take a glimpse into our exciting world!

Members of the Experience Workshop community, including artists, scholars and educators prepare interesting problem-solving activities, games, workshops, interactive demonstrations and presentations to provide the opportunity for everyone to enjoy a multidisciplinary learning module in the school or a cultural event in a festival.

An amazing addition to our activities is Experience Workshop’s ‘Traveling Bridges’ Exhibit. More details:

The “Traveling Bridges” Exhibition: invite Experience Workshop’s International Collection of Mathematical Art to your school in Finland!

If you are interested to have Experience Workshop in your program or institution, please contact us at