Sculptures Come to Life! Experience Workshop brings Award-winning Artist Antal Kelle to MoMath, New York!

Experience Workshop is proud to announce, that award-winning artist Antal Kelle Artformer’s exhibit will be curated by Experience Workshop’s director Kristóf Fenyvesi in National Museum of Mathematics, New York. The exhibit opens on July 24, 6 PM.

Award-winning artist Antal Kelle ArtFormer joins MoMath to discuss his artwork, Helix Opus 124, on display at the National Museum of Mathematics in New York. Join ArtFormer as he presents his stunning piece to the Museum, and enjoy the mathematical surprise underlying his artistic creation. Plus, enjoy seeing many of ArtFormer’s other artworks through a series of photographs taken by his daughter, Emese Kelle-Kaleem, and curated by Kristof Fenyvesi.

Check out National Museum of Mathematics, New York’s website for more information:

Thanks to MoMath’s Executive Director Cindy Lawrence & CEO and Chair of the Advisory Council James Tanton for their support.

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