Blogging about Experience Workshop @ European Commission’s education portal: Bringing learning to life through STEAM – read about us in 23 languages!

The education blog run by the European Commission has published an expert article by Experience Workshop’s founder Kristóf Fenyvesi. The post entitled Bringing learning to life through STEAM was published in 23 languages on the School Education Gateway page. 

“There is a rising need for employees in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) at a liminal time: calls to program automatons multiply, even as automation takes jobs away. Still, not everyone should become a by-the-book programmer or STEM specialist; tomorrow will place a higher value upon creative thinking. Turning STEM into STEAM by adding an A for Arts can help turn our classrooms into a creative learning environment! 

Students must learn new ways to approach problems, gain skills, and create and use tools in innovative ways. An education that keeps students isolated from real problems can no longer be the norm. Flexibility and variation ought to be the goal of education – preparing young people to apply tools creatively, in virtual and real community with others, across former disciplinary boundaries. This integrative approach to STEAM is quickly spreading around the globe!

Read the whole article on the School Education Gateway page 

Here you can watch Kristóf Fenyvesi’s webinar about STEAM education and download the presentation.


Thanks for School Education Gateway’s creative team, and Maya Tóth and Chris Brownell for making this possible to us.

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