Experience Workshop’s STEAM Oasis at Helsinki Design Week

Experience Workshop’s Science-Technology-Engineering-Arts-Mathematics OASIS is inviting small and big adventurers and travellers to a stimulating climate to learn and discover through play & design.


PLAYING is your water to drink;
IMAGINATION & MAGIC are the shade of the trees to lean under;
DESIGN & INNOVATION are your map for unknown pathways through the world of wonders;
HANDS-ON & DIGITAL CONSTRUCTIONS are your fruits to refill your backpacks;
– and CREATIVE IDEAS are your amazing stories to tell.

You can join the workshop on weekdays from 9 am to 5 pm and during the weekend from 10 am to 4 pm. Supervised workshops for school classes or groups take place every day during the week (9-13.9).

Sign up here for a supervised workshop:

nora.somlyody@experienceworkshop.org, p. 0452560420
More information: www.experienceworkshop.org


Recommended age range: 2 to 13 years


This event is part of the Children’s Design Week programme at Annantalo. See the complete programme here.

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