Robert Fathauer´s Exhibit in Hungary at the Saxon Gallery-Budapest

Opening celebration on Monday 9 July 2018, at 18:00 in Saxon Gallery-Budapest. Introducing the Dice Lab ( Discussion with Robert Fathauer and László Pálffy mathematician, game designer and dice collector.   Robert Fathauer´s Homepage: Dice Lab press: Wired: New Yorker:   Curators Curator of the exhibit: Dr. Fenyvesi Kristóf, Experience Workshop /[…]

GROWING FORMS: Natural Born Mathematics – Exhibition in Portugal, organized by the Experience Workshop

GROWING FORMS: Natural Born Mathematics Fathauer (USA) – Penousal-Martins (Portugal) – Park (Korea) 26-29 June, 2018 Exhibition & Workshop at the Science Museum of the University of Coimbra Curated by Carlota Simões & Kristóf Fenyvesi The exhibition and workshop program is part of the CADGME 2018 – Conference on Digital Tools in Mathematics Education, organized by[…]

Let There Be Light! Time Travel with the Experience Workshop in Finland

The visitors of Experience Workshop’s first event in Finland could meet personally with celebrities of 18th century and tools of experience-centered mathematics education of the future at the same time.  Helsinki‘s historical fortress-island Suomenlinna was the venue on 14 June, 2015 Experience Workshop’s Kinder Wunderkammer program in the framework of the Lumiéres Festival. The 18th century astronomers Johan Lexell and Maximilianus Hell[…]

ROBERT FATHAUER’S Exhibit in the Ars GEometrica Gallery, Eger

December 6, 2011 – February 24, 2012 Károly Eszterházy College, First floor lobby, Building C, Leányka u. 4, Eger The Ars GEometrica Gallery of Eger, Hungary presents: ROBERT FATHAUER’S ART EXHIBIT Presentation and Math-Art Workshop by the Artist and Exhibition Opening: December 5, 2011, 5 pm Details…