4d Frame resources

Experience Workshop’s 4Dframe modelling toolkit STEAM Learning Materials


Experience Workshop REBOT-4DFrame-Micro:bit-robot

Experience Workshop REBOT-4DFrame-Micro:bit-robot

You can purchase Mechatronics from our webshop. ...
4D Frame Mechatronics driven by smartphone

4D Frame Mechatronics driven by smartphone

With Mechatronics you can build models – e.g. robots – controlled by a smartphone or tablet application. Mechatronics combines the creativity of ...


4Dframe videos:


Presentation Materials for Experience Workshop’s 4Dframe activities:

Bridge Building Challenge

Snowflake Science

Football and Basketball with Giant Molecules

Let’s Build a Small Geodesic Dome!

4Dframe Warka Water

4Dframe Wind & Water Power

4Dframe Mechanical Instruments

4Dframe Sierpinski Tetrahedron

4Dframe “Bubbleology”

Let’s Build a GIGANTIC Geodesic Dome!

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