Journal of Mathematics and the Arts: Have the Full Special Double Issue on Education for FREE NOW!

Until the end of 2019 July, you can access and download Journal of Mathematics and the Arts’ full special double issue on education for free. The editors, Paul Gailiunas, UK and Kristóf Fenyvesi, University of Jyväskylä, Finland wish you a nice time when browsing the articles. Go to this link and enjoy FREE ACCESS: “The[…]

Haresh Lalvani’s PENTILES are Here! Experience Workshop Proudly Presents a New Member in Our STEAM Family

INVENTION AND FUN: “ALL OF THEM CONNECT!”  Creating new and new patterns with the New York-based Haresh Lalvani’s PENTILES is a mindblowing and meditative experience in the same time. PENTILES are based on the number 5 and all tiles have angles related to the pentagon (5-gon) and decagon (10-gon). All tiles fit with each other[…]

Robert Fathauer´s Exhibit in Hungary at the Saxon Gallery-Budapest

Opening celebration on Monday 9 July 2018, at 18:00 in Saxon Gallery-Budapest. Introducing the Dice Lab ( Discussion with Robert Fathauer and László Pálffy mathematician, game designer and dice collector.   Robert Fathauer´s Homepage: Dice Lab press: Wired: New Yorker:   Curators Curator of the exhibit: Dr. Fenyvesi Kristóf, Experience Workshop /[…]

Experience Workshop’s colleague from Finland is among the best teachers of the world

If you would like to support Jukka Sinnemäki, and the international recognition of the teaching profession, share this news in the social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) with the following tags: @TeacherPrize #TeachersMatter #BestTeacher In the past few weeks the whole Finnish media was excited to announce that a Finnish teacher have a good chance to get awarded to Varkey[…]

Micro:bit Goes to the Theater in Finland! Experience Workshop and Jyväskylä Contemporary Theater Association’s Collaboration

Experience Workshop is getting a lot of inspiration by collaborating with Jyväskylä Contemporary Theater Association. The ‘Of(f) Humanity Project’, developed by the Association, puts coding, robots and deeply human questions on the stage mainly for adult audience, but the project holds interesting pedagogical potentials for children workshops as well. In addition to several technological tools[…]

Experience Workshop coordinates in Finland the Poly-Universe in School Education international Erasmus+ project

The goal of the Poly-Universe in School Education (PUSE) international Erasmus+ project is the development of a new methodology in  visual mathematics. The project’s coordinator in Finland is Experience Workshop. The participating Finnish schools are the Christian School in Jyväskylä and the Viitaniemi School.


Checkpoint Leonardo Network & Experience Workshop’s STEAM projects @ KEOS 2017

On 25 November in 2017, Checkpoint Leonardo Network, Kids Inspiring Kids in STEAM and Experience Workshop’s other STEAM projects have been introduced at Central-Finland’s main education forum, KEOS 2017. There was a lot to do, but as it can be seen on the pictures below, help was near at hand.

BUDAPEST STEAM 2017 is Coming to Town!

The BUDAPEST STEAM 2017 Education Conference and Workshop 2017 is taking place on December 5-6, 2017 at Budapest Metropolitan University’s Art Campus (H-1077 Budapest, Rózsa street 4.) and at the Saxon Művészeti Galériába (H-1063 Budapest, Szív street 38). More information on the conference: HERE More information on the exhibit: HERE