Maths Festival in Helsinki’s Maunula school with Experience Workshop

The Maunula School and Helsinki’s mathematics high school has invited students and teachers to their mathematics and sciences festival called “Harppi” (=”compass”) on 9.11.2019.  Experience Workshop contributed with three types of workshops: 1. 4DFrame soccer robots lead by Matias Kaukolinna 2. Giant fractals (4DFrame) coordinated by Kristof Fenyvesi 3. Body geometry or Maths in Motion […]

Experience Workshop STEAM learning course for teachers at Gradia

COLLABORATIVE PROBLEM-SOLVING THROUGH MULTIDISCIPLINARY & PHENOMENON-BASED LEARNING How does multidisciplinary and phenomenon-based learning contribute to group building and community cohesion? We’ve presented some of the roads one can walk as a teacher of immigrants of diverse backgrounds. The participants of the training teach at Gradia Jyväskylä, an education consortium bringing together vocational and upper secondary[…]

Maths in Motion multiplier event at the Bridges Conference in Linz

Three years of work about how to connect mathematics and motion was presented and celebrated on June 19, 2019. The multiplier event of the Erasmus+ Maths in Motion took place as an official workshop of the Bridges Conference 2019 Family Day in Linz.    You can download the paper from here: The event presented[…]

Download the Maths in Motion toolkit now!

From the book you get a methodological introduction and 6 totally exciting learning modules about ways to combine mathematics and movement.   The Maths in Motion book is available for download here: Published by Olde Vechte Foundation, 2018 Check out the older posts of this project here: Take a glimpse into the contents:    […]

Maths in Motion Erasmus+ training with Experience Workshop in the Netherlands

Motions in Book – Books in Motion The Erasmus+ project Maths in Motion has already produced so many efficient materials – like an online workbook, a bibliography – and pleasurable learning modules about ways to combine mathematics and movement, that the main coordinator, Olde Vechte Foundation has published the main results in book form. Better to say, as[…]

Maths in Motion Erasmus+ event in Italy with Experience Workshop

As part of the Maths in Motion Erasmus+ project, Experience Workshop runs workshops for children in Italy, near Milan in Codogno’s Scuola Secondaria Ognissanti, on the 16th of May. Experience Workshop’s project team: Saara Lehto, mathematician (LUMA Center Helsinki), Kerry Osborne, teacher (Helsinki English School) and Kristóf Fenyvesi, Experience Workshop’s director. In the frameworks of the event there is[…]

Full of Resources: Maths in Motion Erasmus+ project has launched its website

Sports, dance, moving are important for you? Are you interested in teaching maths through body movement? Check out our Erasmus+ Maths in Motion project’s website for ideas, lesson plans and updates: Experience Workshop is the Finnish coordinator of the Erasmus+ Maths in Motion project. We do advisory tasks in math-art and STEAM education and organize international[…]

Experience Workshop Coordinates Maths in Motion Erasmus+ in Finland

Experience Workshop is very glad to announce the launch of Maths in Motion Erasmus+ KA2 project. The project is funded by the Dutch National Agency of Erasmus+, the main coordinator is the Olde Vechte Foundation from the Netherlands. The program brings together partners from Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Italy,  Romania and The Netherlands. The project[…]