Micro:bit Goes to the Theater in Finland! Experience Workshop and Jyväskylä Contemporary Theater Association’s Collaboration

Experience Workshop is getting a lot of inspiration by collaborating with Jyväskylä Contemporary Theater Association. The ‘Of(f) Humanity Project’, developed by the Association, puts coding, robots and deeply human questions on the stage mainly for adult audience, but the project holds interesting pedagogical potentials for children workshops as well. In addition to several technological tools[…]

Experience Workshop’s Hands-on STEAM-Robotics in INNOKAS Network’s “Whole Finland is Coding!” program

Finnish technology education network, INNOKAS has organized the “Whole Finland is Coding!” program in 11 Finnish cities, including Jyväskylä in Central-Finland. On November 9, 2017, the Jyväskylä-based Experience Workshop had the honor to participate in the events with hands-on robotics workshops based on the Hungarian ReBOT and the Korean 4DMechatronics toolkits. Connecting areas of Science,[…]

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