In Memoriam Fabien Vienne and Reza Sarhangi: Bridges Finland 2016’s Zometool Barn Raising Events

The Zometool Penticosido and the DNA sculpture: In Memoriam Fabien Vienne and Reza Sarhangi The construction of Zometool Penticosido from more than 7000 pieces took place in 2016 August in Finland, during the whole length of Bridges 2016 conference. Children, scholars and artists have participated together in this ambitious project, which was initiated by close[…]

Experience Workshop is mourning for Prof. Reza Sarhangi (1952-2016)

Prof. Reza Sarhangi at the opening celebration of Bridges Pécs 2010 Our friend and colleague, president of Bridges Organization, the world largest math-art community, Reza Sarhangi has passed away. We shall always remember him and keep his spirit alive. Video record of Reza Sarhangi Memorial Event at Bridges Finland 2016 Eulogy for Reza Sarhagni by[…]

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